Compliance and Audit Committee


Ignacio Ponce

(permanent invitee)


Ignacio has been working for decades in multinationals and Audit firms and has gained a large experience in Finance matters. He is now Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Development

Carlos Romero-Camacho

HR & Compliance

Carlos has a professional career of more than 30 years in the area of Human Resources and Legal Matters in different multinationals. He is currently the Group’s Human Resources Corporate Director, Corporate Public Affairs & Compliance.

Tomos Shillingford


Tom has gained considerable of experience in Legal Matters, having led the intellectual property function of several international companies. He is now General Counsel in Insud Pharma.

Edmund Carey


Edmund has a professional career of more than twenty years in multinational firms and has gained significant experience in quality, quality compliance and pharmacovigilance matters. He is now the Group’s Corporate Quality & Quality Compliance Director.

Emmanuel Morlet

Internal Audit and Risk Management

Emmanuel has more than 20 years of experience in the Finance area, occupying various positions in multinational companies. He has created the Internal Audit area of ​​Insudpharma and currently holds the position of Director of Internal Audit and Risk Management of the Group.

Laura Bueno

Data Protection and Compliance

Laura has an extensive international and multinational experience in the finance, human resources, compliance and Data Protections areas. She manages the Data Protection and Compliance section of the Insud Pharma Group.